Δευτέρα, 29 Ιουνίου 2009

Prince of Persia

Best thing i've touched in 2009. The game is brilliant and as for the end.... i had my breath taken away by the script.

The tale starts with the prince lost is a sandstorm looking for his donkey*. Suddenly a stranger meets him or maybe i should say falls on him (no dirty thoughts please) who is being chased and tells him they should immediately head to the temple of the tree of life.That is the prison of Ahriman a mighty god who wanted to control all beings. In the temple though we meet Elika's (the stranger we mentioned?) father who, during a battle with our heroes, frees Ahriman from his prison (partly) destroying the tree of life itself.

You, helped by Elika, must reach some fertile grounds which will stop the release of Ahriman and face the four corrupted, those who have sold their souls to Ahriman: the hunter who enjoyed hunting until there were no more challenges for him.So he sold his soul in exchange for the pleasure of hunting nature's most gifted and dangerous animal, human. Concubine queen of lies and deception that desperately seeked power in all its forms. The King that only agreed to save his people and the Alchemist who seeked immortality. During these events we learn more about Elika since the prince keeps his identity closely guarded and all we know is that he lost his parents "while they were fighting someone else's war". The prince develops a special relationship with Elika throughout the game. Elika is princess of the Ahura a mysterious tribe sworn to protect the tree of life. After her mother's death few years ago the kingdom has fallen in darkness. Her people have gone and her city is left in its fate. It is implied that Elika died trying to reach a fertile ground on her own to heal it. Then her father driven crazy by the loss made a deal with Ahriman to save her. As mentioned Ahriman's loose and you are left to pick up the pieces. In the final battle after you have defeated her father who is taken over by the deception, you have to heal the tree of life. After apologizing to the prince, Elika grants all her energy to the tree and imprisons Ahriman once more, sacrificing herself in the progress. After that the choice is yous to make.

Talking gameplay the game extremely satisfying. The levels are carefully designed and the battles are impressive. You wont be battling thousands of creatures/minions but one enemy at a time and with little help from Elika you will do make sort work of them. Elika will also save you each time you fall or get taken over by the darkness which sounds kinda annoying at first but is certainly better than reloading checkpoints. The cell-shaded graphics are uniquely beautiful and the Assassin's Creed is unrecognizable.

The end is also one of the unique elements of the game.If you want just stut down your PC/PS3/Xbox360 and think you just finished a very good game and imprison evil permanantely in exchange for the only one the princce ever created a relationship with. Elseways you can continue if you want, destroy what you had rebuilt, split the tree of life in two and using its energy bring Elika back to life at the cost of inflicting the ultimate evil upon the world. Just her question "why?" tells the whole story. You will know the answer if you have played the game. In the last cinematic you just walk on the desert as the temple shatters in the background.... completely outstanding never saw that one coming.

*The donkey's name is Farah just like the female heroine from POP: Sands of time
**The developer, Ubisoft Montreal also gave us the amazing Assassin's Creed and its unique ending too.


What??What do you mean you never heard about Hamachi or openleaf??Is this a joke? Probably not because I didn't know it my self until last week,when I saw it on the web.So let's get started, VPN or in other words Virtual Private Network is an online LAN(Local Area Network) conection between 2 or more computers.(Note for n00bs who do not know what is a Lan Network: you should better find it out ^ yourselves, LAN connects two or more computers on a local area network with a wire). |

(Obviously until a few years ago since the programs i mentioned just above create a VPN.)Explanation:VPN is an online ,virtual, local network which is of cource protected by a password, which you can access from anywhere... From now on you will be able to play crysis with you friend in Australia.Of cource you will ask: Hey,can't I play with my friend from Australia online?Why do I need this prog??The answer is that you have to find a key or a serial number to activate the online play(in most games).But you do not need anything to play on your local network.. Am i right???:D So you just download a program like Hamachi and you are ready to play!!!Most of these programs are free so it will be easy to find and install it!!Just google it!!!

P.S. You may need to open some ports from your modem to play some games but this isn't so hard, just google this too!!!

An easy way to create a diskette-bomb

24. Diskette Bombs by The Jolly Roger You need: · A disk · Scissors · White or blue kitchen matches (they MUST be these colors!) · Clear nail polish 1.Carefully open up the diskette (3«" disks are best for this!) 2.Remove the cotton covering from the inside. 3.Scrape a lot of match powder into a bowl (use a wooden scraper, metal might spark the matchpowder!) 4.After you have a lot, spread it evenly on the disk. 5.Using the nail polish, spread it over the match mixture 6.Let it dry 7.Carefully put the diskette back together and use the nail polish to seal it shut on the inside (where it came apart). When that disk is in a drive, the drive head attempts to read the disk, which causes a small fire (ENOUGH HEAT TO MELT THE DISK DRIVE AND FUCK THE HEAD UP!!). Let the fuckhead try and fix THAT!!!


Videogamers' youtube is here! An amazing page filled with gameplay of any game you can imagine (ok not exactly any game but its got a lot;). It even has its own downloadable recorder to never miss a LOL! It's light, compatible with a lot of games and will give tons of ROFL hours tp watch anything stupid you have done in BF2 (personal favourite, call me old- fashioned but this thing knows no age) again and again and upload it so that everybody can watch it again and again and again! Got the mood? Then Wegame.com

Serial Program made by me for you!!!

I have made a serial program for different games since, most of us, can't afford buying games anymore:P or just don't want to pay for something they can find online for free!!! In this program you can find serials for many games and even more when I create a second version!!!(It will take some time).. Here is the link for the first version in Rapidshare: